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This poem was inspired during the "Painters and Poets: Kindred Spirits" event in 2020, by the artwork of Eija Friedlander (below).

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The Fungus Family

By Nick Roes

My mom and dad watch over me.

And anyone can surely see,

I feel their strength from up above,

And bask in their undying love.


My papa heís a real big fella

Shaped just like a beach umbrella.

But heís so tall, just before bed

I pray no one steps on his head.


Momís tall, too; stands by his side,

So beautiful, I feel such pride.

But Iím afraid she looks so yummy

Sheíll end up in someoneís tummy.


I pray for them so they stay safe

While Iím away in school.

And hope the day will never come

Iím an orphan toadstool.


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