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  For a video of Nick's reading at the 13th Annual Poetry Festival Click Here

Click picture to ZOOMA Tribute to Poetry in the Female Voice

Nick produced and performed "Ever Since Sappho", a tribute to poetry in the female voice.

Click picture to ZOOMPainters and Poets: A Celebration of Kindred Spirits

During the novel coronavirus of 2020, Nick led an effort by a group of artists and poets to maintain connection and lift spirits.  This is the result of their efforts:  "Painters and Poets: Kindred Spirits"

Click picture to ZOOMThe Joy of Creation

Here's a transcript from Nick's June of 2021 chat with Celena London on The Joy of Creation


Click picture to ZOOMNick's Songs

For a YouTube playlist of Nick performing more than 40 of his songs CLICK HERE

Click picture to ZOOMNick's Song Lyrics

Nick has written words and music to more than 40 original songs.  A link to one of the many song lyric websites that includes his lyrics is HERE

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