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My Unfinished Symphony

By Nick Roes

Iím so scared.
Suppose I die and never leave behind anything
that was "unfinished"?

Beethoven had his unfinished symphony; the greatest artists and philosophers all seem to have died
with works in progress.

Without something "unfinished"
Iím afraid
my life will have been empty and meaningless.

In my youth I used to wonder,
why Beethoven didnít finish
his symphony.

What could he possibly
have chosen
to do that was more important?

Perhaps he died with pen in hand,
desperately struggling to lay down
the final notes before
he expired.

Maybe, if he was married,
his wife had asked him
to take out the trash
at the very moment
the inspiration for the ending was about to overwhelm him.

Or maybe he just thought
he had all the time in the world
and wasnít even worried about it.

I also wonder,
was he happy or sad
that he didnít finish?

Iím certain he wouldnít want someone else
to finish his symphony.

Or, then again,
maybe he wouldnít mind that at all.

But he surely would be happy
that the world even noticed
an unfinished composition he left lying around his house.

Or, then again,
maybe he didnít think it was good enough
to show anybody.

But those are all
Beethovenís troubles.

My trouble is this all-encompassing fear
that I will die without
an unfinished work.

This effort,
"My Unfinished Symphony"
may be
my best one yet.

with just a little effort,
I could improve upon this first draft.

But Iím too afraid Iíll finish.


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